Look no further to find the perfect place to host your events. Here at Joyfully Created, we’ll provide the perfect venue for you to accommodate your guests with refreshments in our “VIP Room” and your party-goers can participate in a fun activity of your choice. We are looking forward to having your bachelorette party, baby shower, or any other big event at Joyfully Created.  Make your big day unforgettable by hosting your party with Joyfully Created!

Date Night:

Are you searching for the perfect date night? Look no further. You and your date can spend 1.5 hours in our “Glow Room” and create
your artwork together. You can either take it home individually, or you two can choose an artwork that requires two canvases. After you are
done with your masterpiece, you can enjoy a relaxing time in our VIP room. Extra time can be purchased upon request.

Glow Room:

Create your masterpiece under black light with fluorescent paint. 60-minute session up to 5 guests at a time, to accommodate with CDC
guidelines. All paint is non-toxic and washable. Protective gear is provided, but we strongly suggest bringing clothing with you that you don’t hold close to
your heart, just in case you have too much fun. Make a masterpiece by splattering your canvas with fluorescent paint!

Birthday Party

We offer ceramic painting parties and “Glow Room” parties for 90 minutes each. Price includes your activity of choice. Entertain in our “VIP Room” and serve refreshments for your guests. One of our dedicated team members will help you out with your special event, so you can have fun with your guests.

Ceramic Parties: Pick a small size ceramic figurine for each of your guests, which they can take home with them, or pick it up a week later after we finish it with a beautiful high gloss finish. Medium size ceramics are $5 extra each.

“Glow Room” Parties: We provide each of your guests with personal protection and a large size canvas to create their artwork by splattering neon paint onto a canvas under black lights. To make your party even more fun you’ll also get to target your canvas with water guns you get to fill with fluorescent paint! Which your guests can take home as a party favor.